Taking cloud computing to the edge


Edge computing is being driven by the opportunity to engage with billions of people and devices in a cost-effective way. It is fundamentally different than the public cloud, through processing data nearer the point of use we have the opportunity to significantly increase network speeds and improve the customer experience for platform service providers.

Integrating into the built environment

EDGE ENERGI will be deploying containerised micro data centres in unique locations that will enhance ultra‑dense networks. To support this transition, we have created a delivery and network model working with hardware innovators, cloud platform providers and real estate partners. EDGE ENERGI is well positioned to support the increase in demand for IoT, 5G, streaming and data services and is keen to partner with colocation providers, mobile network operators and application providers.


The internet of tomorrow will be built from low latency services running at the edge of the network. Are you looking to enhance your colocation services to your existing customer base?

Mobile Network Operators

To enable true next-generation experiences, 5G needs to go beyond the wireless network. Eliminate the capital costs of building data centres as well as reducing latency and costly backhaul by utilising EDGE ENERGI network locations.


From web scale apps to business SaaS and autonomous driving, EDGE ENERGI wants to work with Application Providers developing edge-dependent webservices that require low latency communication protocols.