A more flexible and adaptable electricity system


STORE ENERGI specialises in the development of merchant battery storage projects and plans to construct in excess of 1GW. In front of the meter battery power plants will aggregate the capacities of distributed energy resources for the purposes of enhancing power generation, balancing the electricity system, improving network resilience as well as trading or selling of power at peak and off peak times.

The Time is Now

In the UK, battery storage is set to grow to
8–11GW by 2030 driven by falling costs and the increasing need for flexible capacity to support renewable generation. The majority of this storage will be pursuing an arbitrage power trading business model. We believe merchant revenue battery energy storage projects are financially viable with the right strategies and partnerships and can obtain satisfactory returns for investors.

Balancing Mechanisms

When electricity generation and consumption are not in balance, the National Grid uses the Balancing Mechanism (BM) to purchase changes in generation and consumption to correct the supply and demand imbalance in real-time.

Energy Trading

Buying electrical energy at times of low demand, storing and selling it at peak times optimises revenue within the day-ahead market, one of the main arenas for trading power.

DSO Flexibility Contracts

Distribution System Operators procuring services from distributed energy resources, such as battery storage, to provide peak shaving, resilience and deferral of reinforcement across their networks.